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              Karen Michelle Zapata Herrera Mexico

              Tecnológico de Monterrey

              Karen Michelle Zapata Herrera graduated from Technological Institute of Monterrey with a bachelor's degree in International Business and a Minor in International Cooperation for Development. She has experience in over 5 international NGOs, including World Vision, Children International, Hult Prize Foundation, TECHO, among others, and serves as Global Ambassador for Mexico at The Better Tomorrow Movement. Daughter of a once migrant mother, she is passionate about migration issues and aspires to learn about China’s experience regarding public policy to develop solutions related to the protection of migrant children in Mexico and around the globe. Michelle is from Mexico.

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              Katherine Pollman United States of America

              University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

              Katherine Pollman graduated Cum Laude from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Economics, a B.A. in Environmental Science, and a minor in Spanish. For three years since graduation, she has been living and working in rural Uganda as a Research Coordinator for the University of Illinois on a randomized control trial studying a primary education program. She manages a multi-cultural team and acts as a liaison between local staff and US-based researchers. She writes and presents papers on mother-tongue instruction, parent involvement in education, and early grade literacy. Katherine is from the United States.

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              Keisuke KamiyaJapan

              Waseda University

              Keisuke Kamiya grew up in Johannesburg and Shanghai and works as a banker at Mizuho Bank, based in Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City. He began his career as the bank’s relationship manager for a global carmaker, then joined the team planning Mizuho's overseas strategy, especially for China and North America. In Ho Chi Minh City, he led the origination of cross-border investment and was a member of the Japanese public-private initiative to develop urban cities overseas. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Keisuke aims to build the foundation to become a connection among the global investment community. He has practiced Japanese traditional archery for ten years and is a cadet pilot. Keisuke is from Japan.

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              Keisuke NiwaJapan

              University of Tokyo

              Keisuke Niwa is an overseas government trainee, studying at the Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance.  He has worked for the Ministry of Finance since 2014, taking on several prominent assignments, including coordinating the G20 meeting in Japan, supervising Japan’s megabanks, developing the Tokyo Interbank Overnight Rate, and reforming Japan’s personal income tax system.  As a Schwarzman Scholar, he hopes to gain a deeper understanding of development strategies such as China’s “Reform and Opening-up” and find new ways to make Japan’s ailing regional economies more globally competitive.  Keisuke is from Japan.

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              Kevin Tang graduated from the Program in Liberal Medical Education at Brown University in 2017. Currently in his third year at the Warren Alpert Medical School, he has founded multiple university dance companies and served on the executive boards for national organizations including the American Medical Association and Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association. Kevin has conducted independent research on the medical humanities, transparency in healthcare, and simulation technology in medical education. He hopes to bring a patient-centered approach in facilitating Sino-American cross-cultural exchange and medical reform. Kevin is from the United States.

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              Kevin Zheng graduated from Duke University in 2019 with majors in Computer Science and Biology. He’s deeply passionate about the intersection of medicine, technology, and business in improving healthcare access for patients from underserved settings. He co-founded Optiml, a startup dedicated to using artificial intelligence to detect diseases like Alzheimer’s via retinal imaging. At Duke, Kevin served as an EMT, published research on the biochemistry of “smart drugs,” and conducted clinical informatics research. Kevin aspires to be a leader in health artificial intelligence, committed to global collaboration and equitable technologies. Kevin is from the United States.

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              Kyle Rosenblum will graduate from Syracuse University with degrees in Policy Studies and Psychology and minors in Spanish and Information Technology. He was elected vice president of SU’s student body, serves on the Chancellor’s Task Force on Sexual and Relationship Violence, and was chosen as the 2020 Class Marshal for his graduating class at Commencement. Kyle will pursue a career focused on developing and promoting international substance abuse policy. As a Schwarzman Scholar, he hopes to gain insight and skills to effectively advocate for international collaboration in addressing substance abuse. Kyle is from the United States.

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              Lakshmi Prakash graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Management Science and Engineering and a minor in Chinese. In college, she held a number of leadership roles across student government, academia, and philanthropy. She is currently at McKinsey & Company where she studies the relationship between capital and global impact across industries. She is passionate about problem solving and hopes to spend her Schwarzman year understanding how to make effective use of capital to promote large-scale transportation reform. In her spare time, she is an avid yogi, hiker, and souffle-maker. Lakshmi is from the United States.

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              Levent YerGermany

              Berlin Humboldt University

              Levent Yer is a Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and former Civil-Academy scholar. He currently studies for a bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology at Humboldt-University including semesters at SciencesPo Paris, UC Irvine, and summer-school in Beijing. He is a co-leader of Germany’s most influential student consultancy, a co-founder of a social project for refugees, and a former captain and player of the youth and professional basketball teams in Germany. He aims to work in a leadership position at the intersection between Chinese and European businesses following internships at foundations, start-ups, the German parliament and in strategy consulting for EY Parthenon. Levent is from Germany and Turkey.

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              Lina AbojaradehJordan

              University of Jordan

              Lina Abojaradeh identifies as a pioneer of "artivism" - activism through art. Founder of social initiative Archismile, she is using art as a teaching methodology to empower youth in Jordan to gain 21st century skills, having impacted over 7000 youth. She is alumni of multiple international fellowships for civic leaders, and winner of international awards in filmmaking, writing and art. Her art raises awareness on issues like colonialism, gender, religious and racial inequality. She has exhibited and spoken about her work in Ireland, Argentina, Turkey, U.S., Tunisia, and Egypt. Lina is from Jordan.

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              Liu HeChina

              University of Oxford

              Liu He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford. With an avid interest in social entrepreneurship, Liu has conducted fieldwork and development consultation for villages in Yunnan and Tanzania. As an outspoken advocate, he served as the President of the Oxford China Forum, the Chairperson of the International Student Campaign, the Deputy Editor of the Oxford Forum Journal, a researcher for the think-tank OxPolicy, and led the university-wide campaign against high tuition fees for international students. Prior to joining Schwarzman College, Liu will be working as a strategy officer for the Gates Foundation. Liu He is from China.

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              Maher Latif graduated from Kenyon College with bachelor's degrees in Economics and Modern Languages and a minor in Mathematics. At Kenyon, Maher played on the varsity soccer team and co-founded Reinstalling Hope, a non-profit centered on advancing public school education in Nepal. Before working at the Federal Reserve Board, he was a Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan. A passionate educator and aspiring economist, Maher plans to study the impacts of China's push to integrate technology into classrooms. He speaks Arabic and Mandarin. Maher from the United States.

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              Malik Abdul MajeedPakistan

              University of Pennsylvania

              Malik Abdul Majeed studied Finance and Statistics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. There, he was an active member of the Pakistani community and organized the first Penn Pakistan Conference. Malik’s interests lie at the intersection of economics and law and how the two interact to promote development. Previously, he worked on a randomized control trial with the Center of Economic Research in Pakistan and as an Investment Banking Analyst at UBS. He currently works at Cornerstone Research, where he is active in building the firm's pro bono initiatives. Malik is from Pakistan.

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              Mariam Dogar United States of America

              Massachusetts Institute of Technology

              Mariam Dogar majored in Biology and minored in Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She believes that healthcare accessibility and equity can be achieved by utilizing technology and reworking outdated policies. Mariam worked at the World Bank, developing telemedicine policy recommendations for lower middle-income countries. She has years of experience on the teaching team of MIT’s negotiation and leadership classes, where she shaped pedagogy and co-taught a workshop for MBA students in Malaysia. She has worked in digital healthcare investing abroad and volunteered in refugee programs in Jordan and Greece. Mariam is from the United States.

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              Mariem Bchir is the co-founder and CEO of LEAPS Academy, a social enterprise aiming to reform teacher education in Africa one teacher at a time, starting in Tunisia. She is currently a senior at Davidson College pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Educational Studies. She has cultivated a global perspective through her work experience at several countries in some of the most innovative institutions such as African Leadership University. She is passionate about the intersection between entrepreneurship, education, and technology and is looking forward to learning from the Chinese model in education technology. Mariem is from Tunisia.

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              Mary Liu United States of America

              Columbia University

              Mary Liu is a Gilman Scholar and studied Applied Mathematics at Columbia University. Following her second year at West Point, Mary dedicated a year in service to rural communities in China and Thailand where she volunteered as a community organizer, teacher, and website developer. Previous internships with JP Morgan & Chase, Columbia Data Science Institute, and The Earth Institute solidified her interest in the intersection of technology and social impact. She currently works in the Office of Congressman Ro Khanna (CA-17) and is passionate about increasing economic opportunity in rural communities. Mary is from the United States.

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              Mary Wurtz United States of America

              Bellarmine University

              Mary Wurtz is a senior at Bellarmine University studying Foreign Languages and International Studies and Theology. Mary is completing her undergraduate thesis on the dissemination of foreign media in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and as a Schwarzman Scholar, she intends to study the future of China's relationship with North Korea. Mary has held several internships in Louisville's nonprofit sector working in international education and migration services. In 2019, Mary delivered a TedX talk titled "A Second Soul: Love as the World's Lingua Franca." She has also been named an Emerging Global Leader by Global Ties U.S.. Mary is from the United States.

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              Matthew Ryan Raja Kumar Singapore

              University of Cambridge

              Matthew Ryan Raja Kumar will graduate from the University of Cambridge with a BA (Hons) in Economics. Matthew is a World Champion and Singapore’s youngest head judge in a theatre problem-solving competition, founded an education startup at 18, co-founded Cambridge University European Horizons, and leads Cambridge’s largest consulting society. He wrote recommendations for Singapore’s first carbon tax subsequently passed in parliament, and drove the sustainability policies of 55 ICT companies while interning at Monitor Deloitte UK. Through Schwarzman, he hopes to catalyse innovative China-ASEAN public-private partnerships in education and green financing. Matthew is from Singapore.

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              Max Labaton will graduate from Duke University with a major in Public Policy and minors in History and Political Science. He has worked for the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and a presidential campaign. Interested in foreign policy and conflict resolution, he has conducted research for two books on Cold War history and is writing an honors thesis on the Colombian peace process. On campus, Max leads the Duke Program in American Grand Strategy and is an editor of The Duke Chronicle. He hopes to pursue a career in diplomacy and national security policy. Max is from the United States.

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              Michael DeLuca works at the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. He assists in the investigation and prosecution of terrorism and national security matters, including three terrorist attacks in New York City. As an undergraduate, he studied Politics and Mandarin Chinese, researched a thesis on American and Chinese investment in Africa, and led New York University’s College Democrats. He completed a semester at NYU Shanghai and a State Department Critical Language Scholarship in Dalian. He intends to become a lawyer focused on strengthening the rule of law in developing countries. Michael is from the United States.


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